2019 Annual Exhibit

Above: “Purple Haze,” by Gary Friedman, 2019 First Place

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2020 Awards Gallery

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2020 Full Show Gallery

2019  Awards:

1st place: Gary Friedman, “Purple Haze” – $300
2nd place: Lori Pollack, “Feeling Grapeful” – $250
3rd place: Susan Gesundheit, “Requerdo” – $200

Special Honors:
Cathy Fickes, “Shoes on the Danube” – Jack Richeson Award
Veronica Stensby, “Floral Fantasy” – Winsor & Newton Award
Spencer Mackay, “Kobe Evening” – Jack Richeson Award
Phyllis Doyon, “Iris and Birds” – Holbein Award

Honorable Mentions:
Peter McDonald, “My Family Tree” – Jack Richeson Award
Janis Elias, “Aztec Cycle” – Cheap Joe’s Award
Debbi Saunders, “Elefantastic” – Holbein Award
Charlotte Mullich, “Swimming Quietly” – Holbein Award
Fatemeh Kian, “Still Together” – Golden Artist Award
Julie Stroh, “Goose Creek” – Golden Artist Award
Paulette Parker, “All Hands On” – Canson Award
Dorothy Lee, “Memories” – Graphaids Award
Deborah Swan-McDonald, “Dan at Tonga Hut” – Graphaids Award
Gwen Wetzler, “Forest River #1” – Carter Sexton Award
Karen Holly, “Homeless Not Hopeless” – Carter Sexton Award

This year’s juror was Joseph Stoddard.