2018 Annual Exhibit

Above: “desperado,” Gregory Radionov, 2018 First Place

The juror for 2018 was John Paul Thornton.

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2018 Awards Gallery
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2018 Awards List:

First Place/Hawthorne Award: Gregory Radionov – desperado
Second Place/VWS Ruth Cain Award: Gary Friedman – Take Me Home, Skippy
Third Place/Laura Owens Award: Marietta Petrini – Mr. Frank

Special Honors:
Cheap Joe’s Award: Deborah Swan-McDonald – Voices, Holly’s Story
Holbein Award: Karen Holly – Tea Time
Graphaids Award: Natalie Smythe – Daisy
Richeson Award: Charlotte Mullich – Life, Leaves and Twigs
Winsor Newton Award: Beth Pfaffinger – Megan’s Lock
Richeson Award: Lori Pollack – Sweet Xochi
Holbein Award: Joette Snyder – Snow Play
Richeson Award: Peter McDonald – Spring is Sprung

Certificate of Achievement:
Gregory Radionov – Blinded
Marietta Petrini – Girl in Red

Honorable Mention:
Holbein Award: Bennett Levin – Kissed by the Sun
Golden Artist Award: Selina Chang – White Tulips in Glass Vase
Golden Artist Award: Susan Spector – Two Horses and a Fox Walked into a Barn
Salis International Award: Van Do – You and I Against the World
Salis International Award: Fatemeh Kian – Spiraled
Salis International Award: Cristina Gordy – Fallen Flower
Carter Sexton Award: Gail Green – Bouqet in a Jar
Canson Award: Mary Kay Wilson – Magnolia

Certificates of Achievement:
Joette Snyder- Sally’s Sunflowers
Beth Pfaffinger – Drift